Essay about The Freedom Writers Movie Review

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There are many people in the world who go through challenges because of where they live, what they have, their race, or the environment they are raised in. The Freedom Writers movie shows the problems that teenagers in these situations go through, such as poverty, gang violence, race wars, and limited education. The students in the movie have all been affected by suicide and murder because of violence in gangs and spite between races. At first, they don’t care about education or graduating, they only worry about surviving and at least living to eighteen. A new teacher, Erin Gruwell, looks for ways to get her class to be interested and learn, even though the other teachers have given up on them. She sacrifices a lot of her own time and money to buy her students books and take them on a field trip. Eventually, she is able to create a family connection in her class, and the students grades and attitudes towards education changes for the better. There are some inspirational messages that can be taken from the movie. It showed how it can take courage to do the right thing when Eva testified against someone of her own race. It showed that everyone can be their own hero and be a light in a dark room. Also, despite their seemingly hopeless situation, all of Mrs. Gruwell’s students ended up graduating and many of them went to college. This shows that a person can achieve their goals and dreams regardless of their situation. Today, gang violence is still a big issue in…

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