The Freedom Of The People Essay

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As a constitutional advisor of Atletica it is my job to create a constitution that will acknowledge the rights of the governed and the principles of the government. The land of Atletica is filled with many jungles, savannas, and mountains . It is very natural and it is known for being hotter than most places. The surface area of Atletica is about 9,596,961 It is ranked the fourth largest country in the world. It is also heavily populated with athletes and people who worked alongside the athletes. Their are jobs for regular people, such as teaching, trash man, and many others, but Atletica does not have a government with a constitution. I am visiting Atletica to show them the ideas that i have for their constitution and which amendments they might want to adopt from the United States Of America. The First Amendment is about the freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition. This Amendment 's main focus is the freedom of the people, it focuses on the rights of the people to do anything that they want as long as it follows the legal guidelines. This is why I suggest that Atletica add this Amendment to their constitution, because giving the people freedom causes them to be more cooperative with the government. They enjoy being able to say what they want or do what they without being crucified for their opinion. They can peacefully assemble and petition to the government asking for a redress of grievances. This makes the government more likable and also it is…

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