The Freedom Of Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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In 1607, Great Britain had discovered and colonized thirteen new territories along the east coast of North America. Over the next century and a half, those thirteen colonies have struggled and fought for their freedom from the British. In 1776, they had accomplished their goal. On July 4, 1776 those thirteen colonies had declared their independence from Great Britain and later formed the United States of America. A month later, on August 2, 1776 the Declaration Of Independence was signed. A land, which promised a “new and better beginning”, but only for some it did just that. Ran into the control of whites, but built by the labor of blacks. The United States was and is so called that land for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. What does this mean? Life, the right to live; all lives are equal to each other. No one 's life matters more than another. Liberty is the right to be free. Free to say, believe, and do whatever you desire (being that it isn’t against the law). And the Pursuit of Happiness is to be able to case happiness and pleasure in life. This all applies to everyone, everyone but minorities. Blacks being the minorities that have been persecuted the most back then and till this day. Slavery was where it all began. White people would use and abuse African American. Blacks were working till “death”. They were seen as a piece property and not as people. After slavery came segregation. The Black community wasn’t good enough to be mixed in with the…

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