The Free Press : Silencing Democracy Essay

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The Free Press: Silencing of Democracy
A world without media would be a world of mass chaos. Honestly though, people around the globe would have no idea how to talk to one another, no idea when the next big social event was happening at a university, and most importantly, no idea what is going on in the world around us. Censoring of journalists is a topic that has been surrounded with much debate because they play such an evident and important role in our lives, which cannot be denied. While being imperative to our society, the government interference with the media has the potential to limit the rights of free speech among the press, which would go against the rights given in the Constitution, and ultimately lead to the loss of free media overall. This study will attempt to investigate the idea of government censorship in the media community and how its effects would limit the news and rights given to people throughout the United States.
While the American public ultimately determines the outcome of this debate, journalists themselves are the key figures of discussion. Censoring may affect the knowledge that an everyday person can obtain from a news outlet, but the journalists need to take a look in the mirror and decide whether or not what they are reporting can further place restrictions on themselves in the future. Even though I am speaking to the broad, overall community of journalists as being censored, this debate does not effect one entire body, but smaller, specific…

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