The Fox In The Snow Analysis

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The Fox in the Snow by Gustave Courbet was written in the year of 1860. This painting shows much detail of how colors, lines, and shading are used throughout the painting. Describing just how each color compliments other colors and which colors fights other colors showing their difference in the painting, giving it that exact detail and richest of the painting. In the following paragraphs will describe the many characteristics shown in the painting. When looking throughout the painting, and seeing just what the artist used; the lines throughout the painting gives it the basic outline of the painting. Looking at it, the rocks are giving off the most lines which give it an actual shape of the rock and distinguish the rocks from the fox and the fox’s prey. Each line the artist used leads to more exact detail such as different uses of color, shadowing of the rocks, and certain tints of color to give a better understanding of the fox’s environment. The second major object in the painting is the fox and the lines the fox gives off. Me personally, I would say the fox is an organic shape; the fox gives off certain ways lines are curved and basic outline of the fox. From the fluffiness of the fox’s tail to the overall furriness look coming from the fox’s body. Using the rocks and the …show more content…
Gustave Courbet painted this just so he could paint it, but the many learning aspects that give each student the more exact detail of what each term used really is and how it is used throughout the painting. This painting is beautiful it shows a story of predator and prey. The fox being the predator and the squirrel being the prey; what you could say the basic cycle of life being shown. The many colors used in this painting that gives its uniqueness is quite impressive and very beautiful. I would personally say Gustave Courbet did an amazing job painting this

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