Three Building Blocks Of Love Analysis

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Since love is as diverse as there are countries and cultures. Love is normally one of those very few as a general rule of thumb that is supposed to be a united world language such as the number system. No matter where a person travels in the world, the numbering system is the same i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4….15 and so forth. It has been stipulated as written by Mr. Gary Chapman (1995), “… the need to feel loved is a primary human emotional need”. The three building blocks of love are: Passion which critically relates to physical and deep emotional arousal; Intimacy is the strong bonding connection between partners; and the last block is Commitment which is highly different form the other blocks in which both partners has to make a conscious decision …show more content…
As explained before love is found universally everywhere over the globe but yet each individual person creates their own concept of what love is, how it works, how strong it is and how much it could take before its power expires. As stated by the American Psychological Association (2014), “… about a 40 - 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.” Why is this statistic so high? Some families are able to divorce without batting an eyelid forgetting why they married, and those very same people may furiously argue that there is no such thing as love but I truly beg to differ. They may just be confusing the type of love they feel and most definitely underestimating its power. They forget that the power of love is what arouses the heart to tackle head on any obstacle physically, emotional or theoretically i.e. unsalable mountains, deepest seas, scorching deserts, enraged hurricanes and even distances that certainly seems planets apart to brave the journey to their true …show more content…
(4)The fourth language, Acts of Service can be plainly described has serving the man or woman you love by simply catering to their needs in the relationship. These needs can simply be cooking meals, cleaning the house, washing dishes, laundry, massages, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, washing the car, brewing coffee in the morning, being their chauffeur, walking the dog, shoveling, cleaning the snow/ ice off their car. Basically anything and everything that you may do to demonstrate your love and affection toward your loving partner, any duties that you know she or he has to do after a hard day at work and when they come home they notice that it is already done shows how they were considered not only by words but followed through with actions as well. (5) The fifth but not least is Physical Touch. As the name implies the physical touch language is when love is manifested via kisses, hugs, cuddles, rubs, strokes, holding hands, massages, intimate contact and any other form of contact. Physical touch is truly a powerful vehicle of illustrating love to your partner. Love is the strongest, purest driving force of the human spirit. As seen earlier there are no limits that love can not over come. For those who disagree can always follow the hints and tips already expressed and there

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