Tissues In The Human Body

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In a human body, there are four core classifications of tissues, which are epithelial tissue (plural form epithelium), connective tissue, nervous tissue, and muscle tissue. And each of these tissues has its own unique function in our body that makes us a perfect complement function organism. In the beginning, the simplest structural elements or atoms such as calcium (Ca +2) or sodium (Na +1) involve in the basic unit of living matter. These matters combine to form other matters like the fusion of two or more atoms, to forge the simplest form of compound into a molecule.

As a result, the fist stage of human formation processes through the cellular level from the composition of cells by the compounding of molecules. In addition, all cells in
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“Epithelial cells are packed tightly together, with almost no intercellular spaces and only a small amount of intercellular substance”. It is composed of multitude cell layers specialize in the interior and exterior covering and function of the body. Furthermore, in the epithelium you will find there are two types of layers and each with its individual function. The simple layer is a single thin sheet of cells of epithelium, which operates to absorb nutrient in the food digestion through the small intestine epithelia lining by a filtration process. Subsequently, the stratified is two or more layers that amass to thicken in order to provide a suitable protection for the body …show more content…
The first class of connective tissue system is fibroblast, which is a cell that constructs the structural fibers and ground substance of connective tissue. It has a branched cytoplasm neighboring an oval, dotted nucleus having 1 or 2 nucleoli. The next class of connective tissue system is chondroblast, which is an immature cell consists of a cell growing cartilage tissue. Then, the osteoblast states as a cell in which the mature bone cell is developed. It derives from fibroblast as osteoblast forming into a mature state; it will associate with the production of bone. The last class of connective tissue is hemocytoblast defines as the development of any type of blood during embryonic

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