Essay on The Founding Of Morality And Marble

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Founding of Morality and Marble Everything has a beginning, and with every beginning a narrative must always go along with it. Founding stories are tales of how things came to be, they can be extravagant, tragic and even mythical in nature. Two well-known stories which are often paired together due to their similar nature are the tales of Cain and Abel from the book of Genesis and Livy’s Romulus and Remus. The resolutions in these stories had outcomes which established ideologies on sacrificial violence and transformed the tales into founding stories. However, they are two very different kinds of founding stories which is never taken into consideration, with Cain and Abel being more of a founding story on morality, which condemned murder and sacrificial violence while Romulus and Remus was more of a founding story on the city of Rome, lacking an underlying moral message about sacrifice. In order to completely understand the difference between the two stories it is crucial to preface it with René Girard’s theory on violence and what motivates it. Girard’s theory is built upon the idea of mimetic desire which, “proposes that all humans learn their desires from other people….by imitation or copying (Stirling 12).” In essence, we are fueled by the idea that we

Villanueva 2 will never be content unless we possess the same limited resource as someone else. If left unsatisfied this desire can continue to grow into a mimetic rivalry with the other person, where we are…

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