Essay about The Foster Care System Provides Housing For Children

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The foster Care system provides housing for children who are not able to live with their biological parents. When parents are unable to take care of their child they give up their child to another family who can give them what their biological parents could not give them. Once the child is in the foster care system their social workers work on finding each child a stable, loving, caring family who can provide them a great life and a good environment to live in. In the united states, there is approximately 400,540 children in the Foster Care system as of September 10,2011, (Children Bureau). An issue regarding this is that there are not enough foster care homes for the number of children who need a home and family care. Foster care needs more attention and there is just so much that we should be trying to fix. Kids that are usually placed in the Foster Care System is most likely because they are neglected or abused and come from a bad background. When children are faced with different types of environments it can be hard.
Getting placed in the system has some advantages and disadvantages. Some placed in child care have siblings and they are place together but they can decide to split them up. When this happens, children become overwhelmed at the fact that they would not be able to see their sisters or brothers again. Having siblings and being separated from them can cause many problems as the child grows because it is difficult for them to live without one another. Children…

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