The Formulation Of Organizational Strategy Essay examples

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1. Success and Failure in conflict Resolution.
The formulation of organizational strategy reflects the approach to strategic planning, expanding the scope of analysis from technical variables - economic variables to the socio - political - cultural. The strategy will guide the behavior and activity of the organization in the future, is the result of the combination of three elements: the aspirations of the company, opportunities and threats in the environment and the internal capabilities of the organization. The effort to find a solution to the strategic problem would largely sterile without the necessary concern for providing the organization of structural and instrumental conditions to properly execute the formulated strategy. Despite good strategic planning one of the reasons for the failure or success of it have been made, is the lack of monitoring and control in relation to its practical
2. Some Reason for Resistance.
Compliance with the standards; rules serve to regulate and control the behavior of individuals in a group, so that the time needed to make a change that contrasts or alters the rules of the group, most likely meet resistance, given the threat stability. Culture in the organization; culture of a group and organization is what gives unity and identity to the lives of these, therefore, when attempting to modify some aspect of the business, some elements of their culture are altered, this is where resistance arises to change. The…

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