The Ford Motor Company Essay examples

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In the late 60’s the Ford Motor Company was faced with unyielding competition from its Japanese rivals in the race to the ideal compact car. In effort to keep up the Ford came out with the Ford Pinto, but the timeline from design to finish product was rushed due to Ford’s desire to have the car available quickly costing hundreds of people to lose their lives.
Before the Pinto became what it is there were numerous tests done to see if the car would pass the National Highway Safety Administration safety standards (Shaw). All the prototypes Ford tests failed the crash-tests, which resulted in ruptured gas tanks and dangerous gasoline leaks leading to fires. Knowing all this information Ford decided to go through with producing the Pinto without any modifications to increase the safety because it would cost about $137.5 million for the company to fix. Ford decided changing the design of the faulty gas tank was not worth it to society. Research conducted by Ford showed that the number of lives that would be taken and the cost associated with the deaths was less than the cost to change the design of the car so under a cost and benefits model the benefit was to continue making the car. Between 1971 and 1978 it is estimated that the Ford Pinto was responsible for close to 500 deaths, in which 95% of deaths could have been avoided if the fuel tank was redesigned (Shaw).
Fords utilitarian reasoning for the continued production of faulty Pintos was analysis of values placed on the…

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