Essay on The Force Table For Calculate The Vectors

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in this lab we are using the force table to calculate the vectors. Using calculations show the magnitude and direction of the resultant of several forces acting
Theoretical Background vector is consist of both magnitude and direction. magnitude and directions with different forces take a single point, we call it resultant force. by calculating the additions of a vector, we can locate the resultant force. looking at the graph, first we have to plot our two vectors, call it A and B. A and B represent two separate force. then line our 60° and 90 square ruler. we match 90° square rule to the tip of Vector A, and match 60° square rule to the length of vector B. we drew a line from the tip of vector A parallel to to B. we make sure the parallel line of vector A is equal to the length of vector B. calculating vector A and B the new line that we constructed will be the resultant.

Vector A + Vector B= Resultant

Apparatus and Procedure
Force table
Four pulley
Four weight hangers
Slotted weights
Metric Ruler
Graph paper
60° and 90 square ruler
1. Set up a force table as in Fig. 1. Make sure the table is leveled before starting the experiment. Mount a pulley at the 20º mark on the force table and suspend a total of 100 grams over it. Mount a second pulley at the 120º mark and suspend a total of 200 grams over it. Draw a vector diagram to scale, using a scale of 20 grams per centimeter and determine graphically the direction and magnitude of…

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