Essay on The For The Lgbtq Community

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While the LGBTQ community has become more accepted in our society. There are still problems that they deal with especially in the justice system. In the United States, judicial system, the LGBTQ community is in danger of being sexual, physical, and mentally abused, and receive discrimination in the way they are sentenced and how they are treated while in prison. and this happens to all ages in the community mostly because people legally do not agree with the way they choose to live or present themselves. The LGBTQ community has gone through a lot of turmoil since the beginning. They have been treated unfairly and have received discrimination. Most people believe that the way they live is a sin and that they should be punished or not deserve the same rights as everyone else. People just seem to not like them because of who they are and what they do. Although it has gotten better especially since the supreme court legalized gay marriage in 2015.
Obviously, everyone hears about the abuse that happens in prison. So, people would think that the same it happens to one person it happens to everyone else. That’s mostly true but for LGBTQ people it happens more frequently and mostly more violent. Based on the survey the Black & Pink org. did 70 percent of the inmates were verbally harassed by staff. 35 percent said that they were physical assaulted, and a few reported that they had been sexually assaulted or unwanted touching. The people that said they were sexually assaulted…

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