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The Affordable Care Act has and will continue to be a controversial subject, and reality is that you will witness opinions and arguments clamoring about the advantages and disadvantages as a result of the action. Lines are drawn with political parties, business or organizational lines and from individual to individual.
Stark reality is that there have been both some positive and negative consequences resulting from the Affordable Care Act, but to sincerely believe that it will solely be responsible for a healthier nation is quite an interesting perception. Human nature and individual choices are what drive us as human beings, not policies that are designed by political parties, backed by powerful groups with their own political, individual and corporate agendas.
Policy was designed and implemented with the Prohibition Act which had more damaging and unintended consequences then were foreseen. To include a rise of corruption, organized crime expanding, and public health epidemic with bootleg or unregulated alcoholic beaverages.
Additionally the state of Colorado had the preconceived belief that the passage of marijuana law would show a decrease in the drug trade. While tax dollars have come into the state, it has also brought in a seemingly growing number of new residents who are here for the marijuana.
Interesting information related to the Affordable care Act:
From The Heritage Foundation:
Employer-Provided “Grandfathered” Insurance Plans: Designed for Extinction
• While…

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