The For Every Child Of God Defeats This Evil World Essays

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“For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith” (New Living Translation Bible). I admire your boldness as you wore the “I didn’t do it” sweatshirt. Sitting in class hearing a story about a man that I did not know existed, I was left in awe of the idea that something like this can happen. Because of your persistence and strength, your name and story will never be forgotten. Many people go through dangerous journeys like the character Christian from Pilgrims Progress. He remained hopeful to God’s master plan. Along with Christian, a man who was in jail because of the unlawful government, Boethius, learns about how evil has no substance. After hearing only twenty minutes of your story, I truly believe you were not guilty and that you deserve freedom. Your story has made me realize how corrupt the law system is. After 13 months of being a free man, you were ordered by the judge to be sent back into prison. This broke my heart. In the Planet Princeton newspaper, it was written “Prosecutors have claimed that the victims blood type was O and perhaps the eight-year-old’s vaginal secretions could have mixed with the semen, masking the blood type – a highly unlike scenario” (Knapp, Planet Princeton). A misfortune that was very unlikely, and still somehow you were put in jail again. This just proved how unlawful the judge and the lawyers were. All they wanted was another win in their name, not caring about a human beings life. Also,…

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