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Bibliotherapy is the use of books in a therapeutic setting to influence the way individuals feel, think, and solve problems (Mendel, M. R., Harris, J., & Carson, N., 2016). This is crucial for children’s books because it helps the young clients understand their world a bit clearer. Nowadays, a number of clinicians recommend children’s books or databases would further the progress of the clients. Moreover, using bibliotherapy through children’s books will in the future help a child of younger age grasp the mental illness that they are dealing with.
For younger children, understanding their situation is essential because being at such young age and dealing with mental illness is very difficult. At times these children can’t express how they are feeling or seeing in words. That is why bibliotherapy helps the child progress; it gives them illustrations and definitions to the disease that best suite their condition. There are many ways that this can be displayed such as, therapeutic bibliotherapy. This is the discussion and reading of a book with a young client that needs help targeting a specific problem/stressor in their life (Mendel, 2016). Furthermore, research has been done recently providing information on the effectiveness of bibliotherapy.
In the study Perfectionism and Mindfulness: Effectiveness of a Bibliotherapy Intervention, Tessa Wimberley, Laurie Mintz, and Hanna Suh provided the necessary information stating that those who read books that dealt with maladaptive…

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