Herthel's I Am Jazz

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Some child goes situations that where they can get bullied based on their identify or having a different set of parents. I am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings and Illustrator by Shelagh McNicholas is about a true story about Jazz Jennings. Jazz is a transgender child to notice at an early age that she was in the wrong body. She believed that she had a girl’s brain in a boy's body because she loved pink and didn’t feel like herself when she was in boy’s clothing. Her family was confused, so they went to the doctor where they found that she is transgender. The author made this picture book for child who going to through the same situations. By sharing this experience, this shows that certain child that they are not alone when it comes …show more content…
In the book Catch a falling star: A tale from the iris the dragon series by Gayle Grass and illustration by Coral Nault is about a boy, named fish, who is in the beginning stages of a mental illness. He meets a dragon named Iris when he was fishing one day. He tells Iris about his feelings and Iris explains to him that he needs to tell his parents and seek professional help. In the winter, Fish goes to a clinic in the city and writes to Iris about his stay. In the spring, he begins to feel better. Catch a falling star is a series about the two going on special adventures and this book helps child understand the problems that can happen when you have a mental illness. ““Fish, do you think you need someone special to help you? I know you are worried about going to the city to see another doctor, but I think you should tell your parents you would like to go. It might help. What do you think, Fish?” “I don’t know, Iris. Will the doctor be like your wise dragon teacher, Dr. Socrates?” asked Fish, thoughtfully. “Just as wise and friendly, I’m sure. Talk to your parents tonight and see what they say, and I’ll talk to Dr. Socrates and ask him what he thinks,” encouraged Iris” (Grass and Nault 27) Iris helps fish understand that he is a little bit different than the other child after Fish comes back to Iris explain why he doesn’t want to go back to school. This story help children

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