The Food Stamp System Of America Essay

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With of that being said, the rising rates of poverty here in Colorado have left many families in need of a cost efficient and accessible way of obtaining food for their families. Since you are a food bank here in Colorado, I wanted to propose to you that we start raising more awareness through the usage of advertisements and send/ take home letters for the families who are eligible for the food stamp system but aren’t aware that they are eligible. This may seem a little confusing at first, but it is a fairly feasible and simplistic idea.
The Food Stamp System in America has become a staple for many families in America. Since its start in the early 1960’s, this program has benefited many people in the country and has grown into what we know about it is today (MacDonald 5). The food stamp system, and many other welfare programs, were put in place to benefit people who are struggling through life’s many problems. These are all programs that are meant to help bring people out of the cycle of poverty and bring them back to their feet. Like many of the welfare programs, the food stamp program aims to provide the best for its recipients and makes sure that these people aren’t falling short on what they need.
Yet in recent years, though, the food stamp system has received a facelift and gained a new name called the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” or SNAP for short. Like mentioned from above, this new set of “rebranding” helped shed a light on the ageing food stamp…

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