The Food Should Be Viewed As Art Or Not Essay

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I find an interesting article on the internet which also talks about the hot debate whether the food should be viewed as art or not. The author Susan Smillie begins her article with a brief introduction of a piece of news which involves a wonder chef, Ferran Adria. The chef was invited to Documenta, the five-yearly German art show by the festivals director Roger
Buergel as one of only two Spaniards. Then the debate was raised that whether Ferran Adria should be invited or not and even whether the food could be viewed as a kind of art or not.
The author puts out her own idea that the answer should be positive. She simply explains her personal view on what is art to further illustrate her attitude towards the issue that food should be viewed as art. According to the author, “art, to put it simply (and why not?) is work that moves individuals- it is not up to the experts to decide what constitutes a work of art; the viewer decides” (Smillie 2007). For example, in this particular circumstance we have talked about above, if Buergel or people feel moved to view Ferran’s exhibitionistic culinary creations as art, then “art is most certainly what they are”. To be more persuasive, the author then mentions about another big chef in UK in her mind, Heston Blumenthal “whose technical flamboyance has driven some to tears of joy” (Smillie 2007). At the end of the text, she concludes with a quote “the act of eating engages all the senses as well as the mind.
Preparing and serving food…

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