Essay about The Foghorn Personal Response By Ray Bradbury

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The FogHorn Personal Response

Life, a simple four letter word that we are all living in right now - probably the only thing that we have in common with other living beings in the world. Life, at times, a thrill ride but at times, the biggest obstacle we have to face, whether we like it or not. Life, we desire to live our life as best as we can until, we realize that there are things we can’t control, and that is our desire. Ray Bradbury suggests, desire is a complicated feeling we all have in common, yet differ as we have individual results. This same desire can lead to rash unthought out decisions to be made, consuming both logical and emotional state of mind.

The monster within this story brought pain to itself for relying on the foghorn so much: “The monster [gasps] and [cries]. The tower [is] gone. The light [is] gone. The thing that [calls] it across a million years [is] gone.” The Fog Horn, by Ray Bradbury, exhibited the troubling characteristic of human nature, desire. Within this story, there was a monster who is on its own for more than a million years, who finally thought it found another, only to have its feelings to played with. Sudden anger and sadness blinded the monster, resulting in it destroying its only source of happiness. Desire can only go so far within our control, demonstrated through the monster of the story, who desired to find someone, something, to fill in it’s void of loneliness. The Fog Horn ended up playing a big role, and later was the…

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