The Focus That Exxon Mobil Is Putting on the Supply and Demand of Energy

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The focus that Exxon Mobil is putting on the supply and demand of Energy

April 29, 2014
D'Andre Wright

The focus that Exxon Mobil is putting on the supply and demand of Energy
How the initiative affects costs and revenues of the supply chain.
Now, the response occurs when the financial side of the “supply and demand and how products are manufactured and sold along with what the government takes in taxes” (Cohen, 2012, para. 2). For example, which was created by The United States Energy Information Administration’s; which gave the rundown of the projected to be an average cost “of a gallon of gas in December 2011, which was $3.27” (Cohen, 2012, para. 2).
However, let’s look at the price of the unprocessed substances that
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Now, the processing percentage “of a gallon of gasoline has, on average, accounted for about 11 percent of the price in 2011, according to the United States Energy Information Administration Data through December” (Cohen, 2012, para 10). Furthermore, this information shows just an insignificant reduction of “40 cents per gallon would be due to refiners’ costs – wages, equipment, financing and others – plus their profits (Cohen, 2012, para. 10).
Nevertheless, here is a table just to explain, as well as to show to him or her about the process by The United States Energy Information Administration. However, this information will give him or her an idea for what he or she is expected to pay at the pump. Now, these are the prices for regular gas from the month of January 2014 through the month of March 2015” (United States Energy Information Administration, 2015, para. 1). Even so, this will average out to approximately $2.55. “Mon-yr. | Retail Price
(Dollars per gallon) | Refining
(percentage) | Distribution & Marketing
(percentage) | Data Taxes
(percentage) | Crude Oil
(percentage) |
Jan-14 3.313 10.0 10.3 12.7 67.0
Feb-14 3.356 11.5 6.4 12.6 69.5
Mar-14 3.533 11.7 9.3 12.0 66.9
Apr-14 3.661 13.6 9.5 11.6 65.2
May-14 3.673 12.7 10.5 11.6 65.3
Jun-14 3.692 13.6 8.2 11.5 66.6
Jul-14 3.611

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