The Fly By Katherine Mansfield Essay

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“The Fly” a story by Katherine Mansfield in 1922 more than six years after the death of her younger brother, his death lead to the writing of the short story “The Fly." In “The Fly” the boss starts to act differently after losing his son in World War one. After the six years of mourning the boss seems to be moving on, but he is doing so in three destructive coping methods, one including the torture of the fly.
There comes a time in everyone’s lives where you have to move on. The boss at first did not believe that fact due to the attempt at crying after saying, “’My son!’” and no tears came to his eyes. The boss attempting to make himself cry shows he does not want to move on, but to his belief he is moving on. The boss did show signs of moving on including the newly designed room with a” bright red carpet with a pattern of large white rings.” This new room design is a meaning of a fresh start or a new beginning. The new beginning shows he wants to move forward into a new day for the company and not sit in the past or wait for his son to come back and take over. The boss even does not reply to Woodifield when he said, “the girls were in Belgium last week… and they happened to come across your boy 's. They 're quite near each other, it seems.’” The boss not replying to what Woodifield said shows he wants to move on from his son’s death and just remember his son for being his son. Even if the boss is moving on he did have some coping methods to help with the loss.
The boss like…

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