The Flawed Nutrition Industry Is Flawed Essay

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The flawed nutrition industry

Most people like to be in shape, it`s not a fact, it 's the truth. Anyone that tells you otherwise is wrong. The population in the US alone spends a total 21 billion dollars on supplements in hopes of achieving the magazine body. Some people eat until they just can’t anymore and some people don’t eat at all, just because it’s what the industry tells them to do. Whether the problem is that the nutrition industry is flawed or if it’s due to people’s lack of knowledge I don’t know. Throughout this essay me, the incredible, decently knowing author will with the help of several proven studies done by people with years of education and knowledge on the subject, how the nutrition industry tricks people into buying their products unknowing that without the proper nutrition and exercise the supplement they just bought will be useless. This essay will also explain how simplistic exercise and nutrition actually is so people can obtain the knowledge and actually use it to gain the goals they want.

First of all, in order to talk about why the nutrition industry is flawed we need some knowledge about what type of nutrition the body needs. The three base “ingredients” to function in any ways are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. All of these three contains calories. Calories is energy, without energy you can’t do anything. Whether you want to eat so you gain muscle size or to reduce your body fat it all comes down to calories. In order to lose body…

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