The Flames Of The Night Essay

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The Flames of the Night An abominable red-orange color roars to life reflecting off of the glazed eyes of corpses being thrown in the pits of flames. A fire devours everything it is given including the bodies of Jews in Auschwitz. Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, retells his story of the ups and downs of having a father in the concentration camps in his memoir Night. From the beginning Wiesel took his father’s hand and never let go in fear of losing him. Wiesel no longer was a child. He was the adult watching over his father, who was fading away. Wiesel had to keep an eye out for his father who has become a needy child. Caring for his father is a burden that leads to Wiesel’s downfall although at times is the salvation of Wiesel’s hope. Wiesel worries about his own well-being; however, worries far more about his father’s. Every second of everyday Wiesel thinks about his own actions and his father’s if it leads to separating them at camp. Immediately after arriving at Auschwitz, Wiesel and his father were put in a selection, Wiesel writes “If he(Elie Wiesel’s father) went to the right I would go after him” (29). Both Wiesel and his father go to the left, but their fate if they went to the right was the crematory. If Wiesel went to the right with his father he would be dead. He worries more about being separated from his father then his own life. Although this means their relationship is strong, it heads Wiesel to soften on issues that will keep him…

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