The Five Pillars Of Islam Essay

1212 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
There are many religions all across the world. Despite having many different customs and beliefs, there are also some similarities between them. Religion can play a huge part in people’s day to day lives. For some people it plays a bigger role than others. For instance, Muslims have to pray several times a day; whereas, Christians practice throughout the day. Although I am not a practicing Muslim, there are many things that they believe that still apply to my daily life. Muslims believe five rules, called the Five Pillars of Islam. Even though I do not practice believing in the Five Pillars, the overall concepts can still apply to my life. The first, and the most important, Pillar of Islam is the confession of faith. The confession simply states that, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger”. The first part, “There is no god but Allah,” means that no one has the right to be worshipped but Allah alone, and that Allah has neither partner nor son. This profession of faith is called the Shahada and should be said with conviction. It is an extremely popular phrase and appears in numerous manuscripts and religious buildings. For me, even though I am not worshipping Allah, I do have overarching principles that guide me. One of the main principles that I follow is honesty. I think that honesty is extremely important, and I rather be honest instead of worrying about someones feelings and them not knowing something that they need to know. For instance, if someone…

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