The Five People You Meet Essay

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom tells the story of a man named Eddie by exploring his past, present, and future. As the story begins, Eddie is an older man who works at his local amusement park, Ruby Pier, where his father also worked for most of his life as a repairman. But one day, a freak accident involving a little girl and a cart in Freddy’s Free Fall(a ride in the park) occurs that takes his life. On the topic of Eddie’s experience after death, Critic Don McLeese writes, “The guides then move up the ladder to the next stage of the afterlife after preparing the initiates to take their places as guides to the newly dead”(1). Mitch Albom depicts three lessons in The Five People You Meet in Heaven by exploring Eddie’s afterlife: Sacrifice, forgiveness, and his impact on the world around him. One of the stages of Eddie’s journey in Heaven is running into the Captain that presides over him when he has fought in World War II. During the war, Eddie’s unit gets captured by a group of people in the Middle East. When they finally escape, they all simultaneously agree to burn the village they have been held captive in. Eddie shoots fire at a hut, and he thinks he sees the figure of a small child in the flames, so he goes in to save them. He trips and would have gotten burned alive if it had not been for the Captain, who shoots him in the leg to keep him from going any farther into the flames than he already has. Eddie never knows that it is the Captain who…

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