The Five Factor Model Of Personality Essay

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Personality is a foundational structure in our lives, it’s included in how employers search for candidates for jobs, how we choose our career paths, how we make friends, how we meet new people, and how we present ourselves. That’s why personality is important to study. In Social Psychology there are many different means of measuring/defining personality. One of the more popular ones is the Five-Factor Model of personality or the Big Five personality scale. It has various names that it can be referred to. The five-factor model has (as it says in the name) five different components that make up or define personality. These traits as defined by Robert R. McCrae and Oliver P. John (1992) are openness (adjectives could be curious, insightful, wide interests, etc.) conscientiousness (organized, thorough, responsible, etc.), extraversion (assertive, energetic, outgoing, etc.), agreeableness (appreciative, forgiving, kind, etc.), and neuroticism (anxious, touchy, unstable, etc.). The five-factor model is among the more popular personality scales that is used today. Another topic in Social Psychology that is fairly popular to research is Emotion. Emotions are a key part of our lives and so researchers try to see different ways that we experience emotion. One thing that is focused upon but isn’t really heavily covered is emotion regulation. Emotion regulation is how you control your emotions in response to certain events whether they are psychological or physiological reactions, or…

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