Extraversion And Aggressive Humour Style

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Humour has long been seen as a positive phenomenon that is important for both one’s health and society, however, this common behaviour is now becoming more widely understood as also having an adverse side (31, 34).
Accordingly, contemporary research has identified four styles of humour: affiliative humour, an adaptive style of humour that is pleasant to others and facilitates social interaction enhancement; self-enhancing humour, an adaptive style of humour that relates to the world in a humorous way as a means of coping with stress; self-defeating humour, a maladaptive style of humour that operates at one’s own expense to acquire social acceptance; and aggressive humour, a maladaptive style of humour that seeks to manipulate, dominate, and
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Likewise, evidence suggesting a negative relationship between extraversion and the aggressive humour style has come from scales not directly measuring extraversion. Namely, researchers have found that the aggressive humour style correlates: negatively with pleasing others (22); with shyness (32); with poorer interpersonal relationships (36); and with psychopathy and machiavellianism – which indicates cold and manipulative behaviour …show more content…
For example, being shy or frequently displeasing others does not necessarily detract from the tendency to prefer the company of others per se, but rather indicates a problem with social interactions. Certainty, these indirect correlations are of predicative concern, and although the evidence for a positive relationship between extraversions and the aggressive humour style is weak, it is at least conceptually adequate. Besides this reasoning, extraversion may also predict use of the aggressive humour style via its bivariate role in one’s efforts to increase their social status. In this way, a person who seeks to improve their social status may both prefer the company of others, indicating extraversion, as well as utilise the aggressive humour style to manipulate and dominate

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