The Five Elements Of The Pentad

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Dramatism, a communication theory developed by Kenneth Burke and is used to analyze human interaction. A drama angle of communication equates life and interaction to a theater play or a dramatic movie. The theory strives to reason why people engage in acts and understand the motive behind the acts. Burke created the pentad to use the theory to analyze different acts in human life by applying the five elements. Pentad method is versatile because a specific act can be studied from various different perspectives. The five elements of the pentad are agent, act, scene, agency and purpose. Once an individual understands each element of the pentad, there can be an analysis of any act from movies to collegiate speeches. Collegiate speeches often are …show more content…
In this case that individual is Michelle Obama, the first lady for the previous two terms of the presidency of the United States who is presenting a speech. The agent presents the information from the act to the audience.

Third is the scene, the context and environment that encompasses the act. Scene is demonstrated by time and location of the speech. The speech occurs in at the end of the 2012 Spring Semester for the graduation commencement ceremony at Virginia Tech in Lane Stadium. The background and time of the act plays a role of presenting the message to the audience in this
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The objective of the commencement speech was to inspire the graduates going out into the world as Virginia Tech Alumni. The first lady used multiple strategies to form a common bond, and praise the VT community which was done to make sure the inspiring message was received by the graduates. By praising their power of community at their college she pushed them to broaden their community to their adult life outside of college. Emphasizing the importance of service in her speech allowed her to stress the importance of public service in all aspects of life. She inspired them to cast away the doubtful voices and encouraged them to define their own future. Michelle stated “A call to chart your own future and live life on your own terms.” (APA Citation). All college departments at Virginia Tech strive to innovate and make breakthroughs in their areas of study with the saying “Invent the Future” being a motivation. In the speech she talked about the power of inventing the future and said “It’s up to each of us to invent our own future with the choices we make and the actions we take.” (APA Citation). Michelle Obama’s goal was to inspire the graduates to go out and the change the world through service, innovation and

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