Process Essay: Adapting To Change

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The first step in learning to adapt to change will be accepting life changes are mandatory. You are now Twenty years old, you are no longer a little boy. You have completed a year of community college and, have come to the conclusion that college is not what you want to do. Your parents have raised to be the best man you can be and, now all they can do is watch you have a successful Military Career. You are now on your on and responsible for yourself. From this point on you will pay your own bills, be in charge of your own meals, and be responsible for any mistakes you make. It is imperative to accept these life changes. Once you accept that you can no longer look to your mom and dad to bail you out of trouble, then you will be well on your way to adapting to change. …show more content…
In order to conduct research you will need either have a cell phone or a computer. When researching the place you are moving to I suggest looking at what the Army will or, will not provide you. For instance, the Army will provide you with housing. However, the army will not provide you with a car. Since you are planning to take your car to your duty station you will need to know how to register the car. You also need to know how to get your driver’s license changed over. Once you research the laws on vehicles and understand what is required, feel free to research other things such as local entertainment or clothing

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