Essay about The First Stage Is Trust Vs. Mistrust

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The first stage is Trust vs. Mistrust and takes place from birth to around one year old. This is where the infant displays either mistrust of individuals or actions or they show that they are not afraid and are very trusting. From what my mother tells me, I was a very trusting baby. (1) When I was 10 months old I started walking, I wasn’t afraid to try and I didn’t know that I could possibly fail. I wasn’t afraid to venture outside and run or climb either. (2) I was very trusting of my parents, I knew they wouldn’t let me fall. They kept a close watch on me, and I wasn’t afraid of trying things, or even interacting with the family pets – none of our animals were too big or too scary for me. (3) Whenever my mother would leave me with someone else to watch over me, I didn’t have meltdowns or scream or cry. As a baby, I trusted that she would come back and I wasn’t scared of being left with a stranger. There are two ways this stage could go, the first is positively, where the infant has consistency in their day to day lives and is looked out for by the caretaker. This results in a happy child and the building of trust, this effects them for the rest of their life and these children are more likely to have hope that other people will be around to help (McLeod). This stage could also end negatively if the child is let down by their caretaker or harmed by them, resulting in mistrust of people and the world. For me, personally, I came out of this stage trusting the world around me…

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