The First Sports Competition Between Universities And Universities

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In 1952, the first sports competition between universities took place between Yale and Harvard Universities. The issue of pay to play has started from that time, and it has been a controversial topic ever since. For instance, in 1855 the competition between Harvard and Yale, Harvard used a successor who had already completed the school (Karaim 1). Because of this scenario, the two universities had to come up with policies to concern future events. The popularity of football and other sports began in early 20th century where rewards became direct. In 1951, a scandal involving college sports was well-known, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) punished a school that broke the rules heavily. However, a growing popularity of football and basketball greatly increased the amount of money getting to the universities, and the pressure made the universities and coaches to enlist the best athletes (Delsohn 1). With no doubt, the move was part of breaking NCAA rules and regulations.
College sports have become multi-billion sports and NCAA, the top football, and the basketball coaches pocket large amounts of money from these sports. Football and basketball programs are a major tool of making money for their respective schools. In one of the Harvard Journals on legislation, the amount of money generated from football and basketball has continued to increase by nearly 300% over the past 12 years (Murphy 1). The dedication and the participation of the student-athletes in…

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