The First Predominant Reform The Fidesz Party Essay

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The first predominant reform the Fidesz party introduced was an amendment to the Hungarian Media Law in 2010 that reinforced state control over media. As stated in an article from the EU Information Website, the European Commission highlighted two specific aspects of the law that did not respect EU guidelines. First, it introduced “balanced coverage” which restricted certain opinions and violated the fundamental freedoms of expression and information. Second, the law allowed Hungary to impose fines on media firms instituted in other EU member states, impeding on the notion of single market for broadcasters. To add on, the European Parliament also intervened in this controversy through a resolution passed on March 10, 2011 which held Hungary accountable for the infraction to the rule of law. The Parliament argued that the new Media Law did not “safeguard the fundamental rights of the minority against the risk of the tyranny of the majority.” To resolve the issue, the Hungarian government decided to execute another round of amendments on the repugnant elements of the law. Although the amendments were welcomed by the union institutions, the controversy still generated a questionable perception of Hungary by members of the EU, marking the start of a weakened relationship between the national and supranational governments.
The second controversial policy adopted by the Hungarian Parliament began on April 18, 2011 through the creation of a new constitution named The Basic Law…

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