Essay about The First Imperial Dynasty Of China

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The emergence of empires has led to the emergence of many wonderful things, which to this day continue to amaze us and has helped us unravel the past. All the wonderful things that occurred during the duration of these empires are displayed in artifacts in all sizes and shapes. The Roman empire demonstrates their leaders as powerful warriors, who created a vast empire by defeating their enemies in battle and then conquering the surrounding area. The Egyptian empire illustrates an empire with vast riches and leaders who portrayed themselves as having god-like abilities. The Byzantine empire displays artefacts of war and peace and their leaders believing they are chosen by God to rule the surrounding lands. The first imperial dynasty of China displays artefacts of great military strength, which enabled the empire to prosper and to continue their dominance. The constant theme these ancient empires demonstrate are dominance, strong leadership and vast wealth. These artefacts showed how the empires wanted to portray this, and in turn prove to future generations of all the wonderful things these empires could offer.
The period before the Roman empire was full of internal conflicts and therefore it struggled to expand. Augustus brought peace and prosperity to Rome, which therefore started the Roman empire as they would expand their borders and through military expeditions, they would conquer surrounding lands. The Augustus of Prima Porta displayed Augustus as the commander of the…

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