Essay on The First Day Of High School

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The First Day of High School
April 13, 2009 was just another ordinary day to everyone, but for me it was a very special day, because it was my first day in Crawford High School and the very first school I have ever attended since I came to United States. I vividly remember that morning, I woke up at 5:30 am, and I’ve never been so happy and excited since I came here. After I ate my breakfast and got ready for school, I asked my parents to walk me to school. I was finally on my way to school; I took a deep breath of fresh air and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine of San Diego. What a beautiful day for a fresh start of my education, so my mind was fulfilled with joy. There was nothing to be worried about, not even the language barrier or communication problem. I "thought" I was ready for that first challenge in order to open the new chapter of my life’s journey in this new country.
It was 5:45 am, the way from my home to school was not so far or too hard to remember, but I drew the map from "Google Map" just in case I got lost on way. I kept track block by block of the name of every of street that we walked by. Finally, my parents and I arrived in front of my high school. I stopped in front of the gate and I told my parents "Do you remember the way back home?" They said, "Yes", but for some reason, I have had a thought on my mind that they could be lost, so I handed them the paper map. I was worried they would be late for work and I didn 't want that to happen. After they left, I…

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