The Final Session For Labor Studies Winter Semester Essay

793 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Sadness reigns, as the final session for the Labor Studies Winter Semester comes to a close. This has been an incredible journey emanating from the beginnings of civilization and progressing through the annals of time and landing April 20,2016. Frankie the K, is an awesome professor with a wealth of knowledge, and the class learned a plethora of new information that covered all disciplines of education. We were honored with two guests representing the Teamster Union, Marian Novak, and Neil Pettit, both gave excellent presentations on union organizing and the laws governing such actions. Marian handed out literature, “34 Things Your Employer Can Not Do,” “Organizing for Power,” “What to Expect from Your Employer During Union Organizing,” and a RC-Certification of Representative Petition, all of the material were valuable information sources on the organizing process, the tactics employers use to diffuse organizing attempts, and the workers’ rights pertaining to the process. Marian who gave information on her employment and organizing background, working at Sears, being discriminated against because of her gender, and the ties with the union, who supported her efforts to break barriers. Marian expressed why she is so passionate working for employee rights and detailed successes that She was involved in. Also, examples of how far employers will go to suppress organizing efforts was very interesting, and being a union member for over forty years, I could relate to the…

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