Pros And Cons Of Unionizing Vs. Union-Free Environment

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Dear Senior Management,
As an employer considering unionizing versus union-free environment is a decision that must be made of facts while in this campaign. After extensive research, I was able to get a better understanding of both sides. I found pros and cons of unions from an employer's point of view, as well as major differences between unionized and union-free environments.
Beginning with the pros of unions, workers are able to negotiate and bargain based on their benefits, cuts and wages which leads to less turnover. Also, workers must pay dues to a union, and typically they do not want to lose their position in the organization (Arthur, n.d.). When it comes to facilitating change easier, having a labor union to partner with can be
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At the earliest stage, it is important for employees to understand the implications of signing a union membership card. They should be encouraged to read “the fine print” before signing anything. Also, they should not sign anything blindly and make sure they are reading what they are signing. As an employer, it is your right to prohibit non-employee union representatives from the property if the general public is also excluded. Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), it is illegal for an employer to question an employee about their union support or activities in a manner that discourages them from engaging in that activity. However, if you find that employees are engaging in union organizing on company grounds during work periods, you are entitled to stop them. According to (2000),
“You should indicate to such employees that they are not authorized to engage in union activities on company premises during their work period. Engaging in union activities includes oral communication about union matters, efforts to persuade employees to sign membership cards, and discussions about unionization. Such activities are generally permitted, however, when the employee is not working--i.e., during lunch or coffee
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Under no circumstances should you provide employees with advice about how to revoke union membership cards that they have already signed. According to (2000), “The best thing to say would be, ‘Under our laws, I cannot give you that advice. I suggest that you contact the labor relation board or a labor lawyer/attorney for information.’” There is nothing stopping the company from communicating to its employees its views concerning labor unions. However, you must be cautious as to what you say and the circumstances under which you say it. Such circumstances include: statements that the company is opposed to the union, offering factual information regarding the union and union officials, providing personal opinions about the union policies, processes, officials or individual unions, provided that the statement cannot be construed as threatening or coercive. According to (n.d.), “Employers can point out that unions work under bylaws that allow members to be fined if they violate one of dozens of union rules, including trivial things such as ‘slandering a union official or another union member.’” Conversely, it is illegal for you to take adverse action against an employee if they choose to support a union or engage in certain activities. As an employer, you cannot prevent the

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