Essay The Final Chapter : Writing Style

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The Final Chapter In order to make a well written and interesting paper, you must first look at and take in all the aspects of good writing and apply them. For starters, the author must be well versed in all his vocabulary, his point well stated, and his paper flowing and impactful. One must know their audience and entertain them whilst also having a well thought out argument that can be ridiculed and still stand on its own. Written pieces must hold a few quintessential values as well, such as; good writing form, well written and clear cut arguments, a flow of words through the paper, and a small amount of catering to their general audience. The author must know and understand the audience that their piece will be read by. If an author does not do this, then the reader becomes complacent and will most likely not finish said piece. A way to resolve this would be to know your audience and modify your writing style to cater to that side the most. If your audience is composed of scientists and scholars perhaps you should write in a more factual, punctual way. This is leagues different from say an audience of other authors and poets. For their intents and purposes, you should write in perhaps a more flowing, elaborate kind of text. One that grasps at the straws of imagination and sets them alight. If you were to switch the two groups then the styles would clash and most would likely lose interest in the piece. Style is key in this regard, and with style comes the structure and…

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