Argumentative Essay: Is There A Right Password?

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Is There a Right Password Years ago people use to worry about their homes been burglarized or getting robbed in the store by pick pockets, but, today that is not the case. With the rapid growth of technology every day, cybercrime has taken over from pick pockets and burglars. “crimes conducted via the internet or some other computer” (Evans, Kendall and Poatsy). With all the dilemmas that the society has to deal with, creating a secure password to protect our personal information from cyber hackers can be very overwhelming.
Before it wasn’t so complicated to create a password, but, since then the requirements for a stronger password is special characters that can’t be used more than three times such as;&,@,!,digits, at least eight characters with upper and lowercase letters and should not be in the dictionary. . Base on a video that I watch on about password presented by Lorrie Faith Cranor a computer science professor and
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• 80% states that they reuse their password because of being annoyed; this is considered more dangerous than writing it down.
During their researcher they found out that hackers were stealing password and unscrambling them through a hash function .first letters were used and it didn’t work they would try to use popular name such as Jane, Betty, Mike etc. All this information was gathered from a job site they’ve created “Amazon Mechanical Turk” the goal to this jog site was to hack into the system with the passwords that was created by students. It was concluded that there is no strong measurement for passwords that hackers can’t unscramble and the safest thing to do is to use long and complex passwords with special characters or

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