The Film ' The Dog ' By Barry Levinson Essay

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Politics is a controversial phenomenon, particularly in the way it has harnessed the media to influence public opinion. Representations of politics now cannot avoid inclusion of media which predominately conveys the inescapable message of politics Representations give the perceiver a clear view on whether the shadowed meaning brings out the best or worst of human nature. In any society media should use its capacity for representation to inform the people, but in the contemporary society, politics seem to have woven its way into the field. This illustrates that media is not a true representation of society, following as it does, the road that politics paves for them. The widely used service which is known to both reach and influence is created using a process: which include the use of censorship and manufacturing consent. The film 'Wag the Dog ' by Barry Levinson and a closely related idea portrayed via a 'propaganda ' image from the George Bush - Iraq war era, subsequently prove the same points about government control, and instinctual-manipulation. They both illuminate the meaning of media-control and the representation that may bring out the best or worst of human nature. Wag the Dog (1997) directed by Barry Levinson, is an extremely relevant film which is built on foundations of the current, real world. It demonstrates how politics influences the media and how media influences the people. The presidential fixer ‘Conrad Brean’ employs a Hollywood producer ‘Stanley…

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