The Film Saving Private Ryan Directed By Steven Spielberg Essay

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In many cases, men are afraid to show signs of being feminine. They feel pressured by society to act a certain way and behave in a manner that will make them seem manlier. Many have a fear of being stigmatized for acting a certain way around others, so the majority of the time they suppress their feelings and conversations with others. This can limit their bonding and friendship building. For men, according to society, they must become masculine and nothing else. However, that is not always the case because they have agency. They are allowed and able to have several types of masculinities. The film Saving Private Ryan represents the way different men are capable of being different than just a typical hegemonic masculine man that society has engraved on them. The film Saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg is about men fighting behind enemy lines during World War II. A group is American men are ordered to find Private Ryan before he is killed in combat and return him home to his grieving mother. The reason why he must return is because he is the only one still alive out of his three other brothers, who were killed in combat fighting in the same war. The group risks their lives while being surrounded by the harsh realities of war. During their journey, the group of American Soldiers develops friendships and relationships as they venture into the war zone all while having a deeper sense of emotion and feeling throughout the film. They are portrayed as having a…

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