Essay on The Film Food Inc.

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No matter how many times we were told as children that lying is bad, it seems inevitable in the world we reside today. Lying, unfortunately, seems at the root of everyday life. It is often hard to imagine a day where some sort of deceiving doesn’t occur. Whether it is the grocery store, car dealership or a game of poker, the truth is getting harder and harder to come by. The truth is held back in hopes for one person, corporation or supplier to better their condition over the oblivious consumer. In hopes to control the lies there needs to be a set of rules to monitor the unfair play. However, the rules established that are upheld by the government seem to be modified by paid lobbyists. Even so, rules are created to protect corporations as opposed to the consumers who are already left in the dark. In order to draw attention to duping that has or is still occurring today I will focus on the film Food Inc. Food Inc. took us on the other side of the curtain that we have been blanketed from for far too long. Our fantasy of farm fresh poultry that comes from local farmers behind picket fences is all but a fib. Instead we are purchasing poultry from factories that genetically modify their animals in order to meet the demand of consumers. As seen in the film, the carousel of chicken slaughtering requires the chickens to be the same size so they are able to fit through the assembly line and later packaged into what we are able to purchase on a daily basis. Most of those chickens…

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