The Fifth Mark Of The Church Essay

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Bernie Sanders, the well-known senator from Vermont, writes, “Let us understand that when we stand together, we will always win. When men and women stand together for justice, we win. When black, white and Hispanic people stand together for justice, we win.” This quote truly shows the power of standing for justice. Like Sanders points out, we are “winning” by seeking justice, and by “winning” we are creating the Kingdom of God. But even more, when we stand together no matter the race, we are actually living justice. Particularly, the church is called by Jesus to assure we stand together, and that all people have human dignity and equality. Throughout history, the church has been challenged to combat injustices, and yet today, this is still an issue. Therefore, since it is relevant today, justice should be the fifth mark of the church because she strives to uphold human dignity and equality by being the body of Christ, amending her wrongs, and through her everyday actions. When considering the meaning of justice, one must look at human dignity and equality. The first element of justice, human dignity, refers to self-respect and self-worth. More particularly, according to the church document, Gaudium Et Spes, “dignity is rooted and perfected in God.” Therefore, since God created human dignity, as humans, there is nothing we can say or do to earn or take away our human dignity. In simpler terms, through the image of God, there are no men or women “worth” more or “greater”…

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