The Field Of The Healthcare Field Essay examples

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In Houston, I surrounded myself with Christians seeking to be in the healthcare field. Eugene Peterson was perceived as strange because he seemed to be the only person in his pastoral group to read books (375). In the same way, I was the only person in my group of friends at home with a global vision. Upon arrival in Tanzania, outnumbered by Atheists and Muslims from around the world, it was evident that Christians and Americans are grossly underrepresented in the medical dynamic. As a physician, it is imperative to have a firmly established code of ethics. In “Pastors and Novels,” Peterson argues that, in addition to biblical text, pastors should supplement their arsenals with novels to more effectively spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to an audience being fed lies by the world. Similarly, Christians seeking to be medical professionals should educate themselves about the cultures and ideologies that exist around the world to be “salt and light” where it is in great need.
Government-run hospitals in third world countries are breeding grounds for corrupt practices. A common excuse for unacceptable care is “lack of resources.” Patients go without anesthesia for painful procedures due to “lack of resources.” Children are born into rags due to “lack of resources.” My first surgery to shadow was an emergency motor traffic accident under a well-fed Muslim doctor. Walking into the barely air-conditioned OR, I saw the patient had fractured his left tibia completely in half and both…

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