The Field Of Psychology Or Social Sciences Research Essay

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There is no crisis in the field of Psychology or Social Sciences research. In the past few years, there have been an increased number of retractions and fabrication incidents in the psychology and social sciences research, which caused speculations that these fields are currently in a crisis. Recently, an initiative called “Reproducibility Project” was conducted at the University of Virginia that reran 100 psychology experiments from three reputed psychology journals and stated that over 60% of the experiments failed to replicate (Barrett, 2014). Three famous studies that were cited numerous times and which form basis for many research studies, that failed to replicate in this project were Free will and cheating, Cleanliness and morality, and Loneliness and morality (Carey & Roston, 2015).
The replication studies in this project did not have strong findings. This news was perceived gravely and the news media went on to even call the original studies as frauds. The US House of Representatives voted to eliminate funding for political science research through the National Science Foundation. This generated alarm that the psychology and social sciences fields are in extremely poor shape. The media and researchers from other fields with bias towards hard sciences are emphasizing too much on the phrases “not having strong findings” and “failed to replicate”. However, the studies did have weaker findings but were still in the same direction. The controversial headlines and…

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