Essay about The Field Of Educational Psychology

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An area of Applied Psychology 1 that has captured my interest is the field of educational psychology. This field of study is interested with children and young adults in educational and early years’ settings (British Psychology Society (BPS), 2016). This has captured my interest as children are especially vulnerable during school years, due to a variety of reasons such as low self esteem. This could be due to learning difficulties such as dyslexia and behaviourial problems. I believe that I would find it rewarding to work with children to help them develop their own skills and abilities in regards to the obstacles shown early in their life. In this essay, I will be looking at this field of study in more detail to justify whether I could pursue educational psychology as a career in the future. I will do this by reviewing the skills and qualifications I current have and that I have yet to acquire. This will help to determine how likely I am to choose this field of study as my choice of career in the future after completing my undergraduate degree. To help structure this essay I will be using the Gibb’s reflective model (1988).
A typical day for an educational psychologist, according to BPS (2016), is that they can work in a variety of different ways with young people and children in both early years’ and educational settings. The different methods of which they work includes interviews with children, parents and children, the can also conduct assessments with children…

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