The Ferguson Riots Of 2014 Essay

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The Ferguson riots of 2014 were a seminal moment in modern America life not only as a social phenomenon but with regards to its impact on American culture. The images that it already conjures up in the popular imagination are already vividly iconic and indicative of the times, serving as a cultural milestone in the national history. The name of this small suburb of St Louis, “Ferguson”, serves as shorthand for the civil unrest that embodied the current social struggles of the entire nation, touching upon a series of festering issues that had been previously masked under the veil of imperial prosperity, the arrogant assumption of a post-racial society.
The culmination of the deep rooted flaws in social architecture that could allow public challenges to the rule of law cannot be boiled down to a singular incident. Thus, to examine Ferguson qua phenomenon in the absence of historical context creates a vacuum in the analysis of American culture, it allows for conclusions to be drawn too hastily, too self-servingly in the absence of vital biases that form patterns in the individual social circumstances of that August in 2014.
There are a variety of ways in which we can approach the situation in Ferguson, a number of lenses through which we can choose to perceive the events and select biases in judgement when simple deductive evidence is lacking. Any one of these perspectives on the events that transpired, any process through which we sort through the information available to…

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