The Feminist Standpoint Theory : Understanding The Structures Of Power Based On Marginalized Individuals

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In relation to gender politics, the feminist standpoint theory focuses on understanding the structures of power based on marginalized individuals. When exploring gender politics, we have to understand that it is more complex than merely considering and analyzing gender. Since this theory embodies the notion of achieving a standpoint where intersections like gender, race, sexuality, class, and disability are highly considered in discovering the logic of power in our society, it requires people to reflect on the institutions and systems that are created and reinforced to facilitate some groups of people while making other groups invisible. The feminist standpoint theory creates a mode of knowledge that integrates differing views and experiences to create a thorough way of understanding the complexities of gender politics, which in turn, can help us reimagine our society for the better. The foundation of the feminist standpoint theory resides within the epistemologies of Karl Marx and Georg Lukacs and their contributions to the study of historical materialism. Marx’s study on historical materialism focuses on the division of labor, which is created by the concept of production. This concept entails how the tools an individual has determines which activities he or she will engage in. Marx argues that the different activities that are assigned to different people based on their tools is what creates the division of labor that eventually constructs the relationships people have…

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