The Female Archetype Of The American Girl Essay

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America has a long standing tradition of constantly evolving their ideal beauty standards. For example, there was a gradual shift in the 2000’s when models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell traded in their stick thin aesthetic for a still thin but athletic curvy figure such as models like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The progression of Americas beauty has a global presence that affects many nations. In the beginning of the United States existence their standards of beauty were similar to much of western Europe. The United states didn’t establish their own terms of beauty until the late 1800s when the female archetype of the “Gibson girl” had been established. The Gibson girl was an illustration created by Charles Dana Gibson who believed these women to be the ideal image of the American girl. The Gibson girl is described as a woman with a thin waist, large backside, rounded shoulders, and smooth neck. These women were depicted as intellectual and independent. Described as fragile women who were enticing, but not lewd, women of progressive nature but not too political. To obtain figures equivalent to these corsets were used to tighten the wait accentuating the hips. These women were relevant until the 1920s when flappers had begun to form their presence in the nation. The 1920s birthed a new type of women. This new woman had broken down the standards set by this society. These women were called “Flappers.” Flappers were women who realized they were only young once. These…

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