The Federalist Papers On The Constitution

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The Federalist Papers is a completed series of 85 articles and essays, that was written in attempt to influence the people to ratify the newly, revised Constitution. These articles were together written by; Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, under the alisa called “Publius”. The publication of the first article was published in the New York newspapers on October 27,1787; it was deemed as a success in New York, and then across all thirteen states. After the failure of the Article of Confederations, these articles provided a compelling and encouraging messages to the enthusiastic people, who did not believe in the intent of the Constitution. The Federalist Papers were important then, because it provided the importance and intent of the new Constitution, it persuaded assurance in the Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation, and it is also relevant now as it assisted in the ratification for the Constitution we currently use today.

Before the Federalist Papers were published, the failures of the Articles of Confederation resulted in a lack of confidence for the new Constitution. Thus, the people did not get involved, or try to understand the intent of the Constitution. The first article published, called “ The Federalist No.1”; it introduced a different perspective, and imposed the importance of the Constitution. In that article he stated, “The subject [The Constitution] speaks its own importance; comprehending in its consequences nothing less than…

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